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Nigel Smith, Head of EMEA Sales for Tango Networks

Nigel is responsible for Tango Networks’ business operations in the EMEA region. He brings more than 30 years experience in the industry, and has worked for companies such as BT, Cable and Wireless, Cisco & Amdocs. Smith was most recently CTO and head of business development at VoxSmart. Previously held product marketing and business development of UC solutions at Amdocs. Nigel has taken the stage at many industry events, addressing topics such as IPTV service fulfillment and IMS charging design.

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New research: Why 94% of users Ignore Mobile UC Apps for calling

The verdict is in, and it's not good for the future of Mobile Unified Communications phone apps.

It turns out that 19 out of 20 employees don't use their companies' authorized mobile phone UC apps to make voice calls, according to new research this week from Nemertes Research.

New DECT Replacement Solution: harness the power of mobility

Retailers, healthcare, warehousing, delivery and logistics operations have struggled for years with the limitations of DECT systems.

Poor battery life, spotty coverage and high expense have been top complaints about DECT wireless systems.

Now a new service from Tango Networks enables modern mobile technology to replace DECT systems and provide huge benefits for frontline workers.

#MWC19: Make Your Users Mobile ... but keep them compliant

Pretty much every enterprise today is a mobile enterprise.

Even if you still operate traditional landline, desk phone communications, you know that more and more of your employees’ business communications take place on mobile devices.

And many companies are embracing the strategy of “mobile first communications” like accounting giant PwC famously did last summer.The idea is to make mobile...

October 11, 2021

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