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Dubber Call Recording Webinar

Posted by Tango Marketing
December 18, 2017

We announced a few weeks ago that we have added Dubber Call Recording to our Mobile-X offering. Dubber is a brilliant easy to use call recording service which just works. There’s no fiddling around, users don’t need to learn new software, it doesn’t need turning on when you want to record a call. And what’s more, it helps you become MiFID II compliant.

Unified Telecoms to suit different business models

Posted by Tango Marketing
October 18, 2017

Every business needs a phone line. And of course there are a wide range of options available to them: Mobile, fixed, VoIP etc. But each business has a differing requirement for their telecoms depending on their industry, size, structure, geographical location, regulatory requirements and a whole host of other considerations.

Call recording for financial services - MIFID II compliance

Posted by Tango Marketing
July 28, 2017

How can we help financial services businesses with MIFID II compliance?

Mobile-X mobile call recording services can help you and your financial services organisation become MIFID II compliant.

Mobile-X can record all mobile and fixed line communications automatically even your text messages. No new equipment or fiddly apps are required, everything is automatically  and delivered from the cloud...

Unified telecoms Control Panel

Posted by Tango Marketing
March 8, 2017

We’ve worked hard to create a powerful, feature rich, fully re-brandable, secure online Control Panel where you can take care of all your client’s needs.

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