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Customers want it to be simple... how are you doing that?

Posted by Tango Marketing
October 5, 2017


 One of the most effective ways to keep customers happy is to keep it simple.


Survey after survey shows that a simple, straight-forward experience with your company results in happier customers with greater loyalty.

3 Best Practices in Communications Identity Management

Posted by Tango Marketing
June 13, 2017

Your company’s identity is central to a positive customer experience.

Is your company identity polished, consistent, clear, simple?

Or is it a hodgepodge? Do customers have to call a range of different numbers for different things? Do employees use a bunch of different phones with different numbers to communicate with customers?

Three reasons you need visibility into employee mobile communications

Posted by Tango Marketing
May 16, 2017

The mobile workforce is growing every day.

Your remote teleworkers, field service technicians, sales people, fleet drivers, and executives on-the-go all contribute to a way of working that looks less and less like the old office-bound modes of last century.

Supporting this modern workforce poses a range of IT challenges. Among them is how you maintain visibility into the communications of...

Do your employees send emails to customers from personal Gmail accounts? Then why are mobile calls different?

Posted by Tango Marketing
April 28, 2017

The “face” you put before customers has a major impact on your brand and potential for growth.

October 11, 2021

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