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Cyber Essentials certification

Posted by Tango Marketing
April 30, 2018

Our ongoing commitment to security

Simetric demonstrates it's commitment to all round cyber security with Cyber Essentials certification.

Simetric Telecom GDPR notice

Posted by Tango Marketing
April 26, 2018

Protecting your Data

From May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will apply to all data we hold about our customers.

How to build a trivial ISDN to SIP lab demo

Posted by Tango Marketing
June 12, 2017

We’ve been working with several partners recently who are looking at a combination of customer requirements around migration away from legacy ISDN and towards cloud PBX and cloud call recording.

Telecoms resellers sales and marketing support

Posted by Tango Marketing
January 30, 2017

October 11, 2021

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