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Anthony Atkins, Channel Manager

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Businesses go mobile and cut carbon footprint

Posted by Anthony Atkins, Channel Manager
July 28, 2022

As companies around the world work to cut their carbon emissions, focus is turning to the carbon footprint of information technology.

Researchers report that mobile phones now contribute the most of any IT device, eclipsing personal computers, laptops and displays, according to a report from McMaster University.

But thanks to new eSIM technologies, business communications can be securely migrated...

Shrink your carbon footprint: new eSIM technology consolidates employee mobile phones

Posted by Anthony Atkins, Channel Manager
November 3, 2021

All eyes are on Scotland as the UN’s international climate summit began this week.

More than 100 heads of state are meeting in Glasgow at the COP26 summit to explore initiatives to curtail climate change.

When the topic of cutting carbon emissions is raised we often think about the way we produce energy, such as using fossil fuels versus renewables.

Or we consider what we can do as individual...

Customer Contact Leakage: Do Today’s Mobile Communications Practices Put Your Sales Pipeline at Risk?

Posted by Anthony Atkins, Channel Manager
June 3, 2021

If your sales employees are using their personal mobile phones and numbers for work calls, they could be taking your business with them when they leave your employ.

For more than 20 years, mobile phones have been the communications devices of choice for many sales people. The reasons are obvious: using mobile phones make you more reachable and responsive, which are keys for closing a sale.

But in...

October 11, 2021

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