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Posted by Lathan Lewis, Chief Business Development Officer at Tango Networks

June 22, 2018

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The impact of Customer Experience Management (CXM) is undeniable. 

Companies that proactively manage the customer experience regularly outperform others in terms of customer retention, satisfaction and, as research show, profitability. 

Recent research by analyst firm Frost & Sullivan reports that 89% of customers switch their loyalty because of poor customer experience. 

The same research says 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a superior customer experience, and that could increase profitability by 35%. 

But the analysts say that the key to capturing the benefits of CXM depends on integrating CXM into your workflows, operations and processes. 

That’s why there is an increasing focus on incorporating enterprise mobility into these CXM processes. 

Mobility and the customer experience 

Here are three ways that mobile communications can enhance your CXM programs and processes: 

  1. Mobile SMS text messaging for customer communications 

Research shows that younger consumers do not like talking on the phone. They text. So, if you want to reach this huge market, you need to do the same. 

Our customers are text-enabling their employees’ communications, such as in sales and customer support. That gives employees the ability to use the mobile network’s SMS messaging to communicate with external customers. 

That way they can communicate with anyone on any text-enabled device, and that means they have an important way to interact with the critical market of younger consumers. 

  1. One business identity 

It’s important that a customer knows who’s contacting them, no matter what device is being used by your employee. 

If an employee is calling on the way to a field service appointment, the customer may not answer the phone if it’s a number he doesn’t recognize. 

All business-to-customer business calls need to carry your company identity and the business number of the employee making the call, even if that employee is on a mobile phone. 

  1. Mobility synched with CXM tools 

Effective CXM programs have their own sets of steps that your employees follow for superior customer engagement outcomes. 

For example, Workforce Optimization (WFO) such as those from our partner Verint will permit communications with customers to be captured for analysis, to track customer satisfaction indicators, employee training needs, and customer trends. 

But these solutions typically are limited to desk phone implementations. Extending WFO and CXM tools and steps to your employees’ mobile devices can significantly expand the impact and benefits of these systems. 

Imagine WFO covering your employees in the field or remote worksites, providing an even more comprehensive picture of the customer experience. 

Customer Engagement Mobility 

With our Customer Engagement Mobility solutions, you can quickly and easily adapt these best mobility practices to strengthen your CXM programs. 

Based on our award-winning Mobile-X, the solutions extend your existing CXM and WFO systems and processes to mobile devices, including personal devices as part of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program.

Featuring the most advanced implementation of fixed mobile convergence technologies, Mobile-X from Tango Networks supports many use cases for a distributed workforce, including Mobile Unified Communications, mobile workforce communications, and programs for remote working, work from home, telecommuting and business continuity.

Our Enterprise Text Messaging solutions enable your employees to use their mobile phones to send and receive SMS text messages from their work numbers. 

Our solutions can also SMS-enable your company’s instant messaging, collaboration and Unified Communications systems, such as Cisco Jabber.  Your employees using Cisco Jabber clients can send and receive text messages with external parties not using Jabber. 

Contact us today for a demonstration of how Mobile-X brings mobility into your CXM and WFO programs.


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