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Posted by Jules Simon

January 19, 2017

Working Hard-3.jpgDigital transformation has brought about more changes in the corporate world than anything since the adding machine.

It truly is the realization of half a century of technical innovation, starting with the first mainframe computers crunching numbers to manage payroll, inventory and billing for manufacturers.

Fast-forward to today, and digital transformation has reached a level that those early corporate computing pioneers probably never envisioned.

Virtually every function in the modern company is different today because of digitization. Sales, operations, production, marketing, supply chain management, support, finance, administration and every other department now communicates, processes data, makes decisions, and generally gets stuff done using digitized information and tools.

But one of the most profound impacts on the modern company is not only how work is done, but where and when it is done.

 Mobility & Transformation

 Increasingly powerful and flexible smartphones and tablets have enabled employees to access and act on new data, communicate from any location, and tackle time-sensitive tasks outside of traditional business hours.

In this sense, digital transformation and enterprise mobility have gone hand-in-hand.

Of course the explosion in mobile devices was boosted by digital transformation, as the devices became more useful for accessing essential data for doing business. But the influx of mobile devices into the enterprise has also caused the transformation itself to accelerate. This has led in turn to even more digitized applications that make mobility even more important and valuable.

Optimizing how these users, devices and digitized assets interact has become a chief concern of enterprises. An Accenture survey reported that 77% of enterprise IT managers considered mobility to the top priority in their digital transformation strategies.

It’s a compelling opportunity. Companies that get digitization and mobility right can be more responsive, take advantage of rapid market changes, deliver superior customer experiences and, as a result, be more competitive.

Communications Unleashed: True Mobility for the Digitized Enterprise

Nowhere is this opportunity greater than in evolving corporate communications for the new mobile, digitized world.

Traditional voice telephony tied to desktop phones doesn’t reflect the new modes of working driven by mobility and digitization. The rise of “Mobile First” enterprises underscores that fact.

But there are several critical lessons learned about the right way to mobilize enterprise communications.

  • The user experience: Early attempts to extend enterprise communications to mobile devices have often involved clunky clients that users find difficult to use. The user experience needs to be simple, easy and identical to the native phone dialer experience wherever possible.
  • Compliance: Just because the user is on a mobile device, it doesn’t mean regulatory and legal mandates like call recording and logging can be ignored. This is especially true in highly regulated industries like financial services.
  • Personal devices: Even for companies that do not permit Bring Your Own Device, it’s a safe bet that employees still are conducting work on their own devices when they feel they have to do so. Maintaining strict separation between personal and business communications is a must.

 Tango Networks has brought to market a range of solutions that address these requirements and enable enterprises to adopt truly mobilized communications to support their digital transformations. Learn more about our Mobilized Enterprise Communications here.

 Or contact us today for a personal demonstration of our mobilized enterprise communications solutions. 

Download the latest Trend Advisor on Mobility for the Modern Enterprise.


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