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August 15, 2017


When someone in your company calls a customer, is it always clear who is calling?

You might be saying, “Of course it is. Our main corporate telephone number is clearly identified for everyone we call.”

Not so fast.

With today’s increasingly mobile workforce, odds are high that some of those interactions are taking place on mobile phones that are not routed through your corporate communications systems.

People on the receiving end of those calls may have no idea who is calling from the unrecognized number. Phone tag, inefficient interaction and missed opportunities are the result.

 With mobile phone penetration approaching 100%, just how many “identities” are representing your company?

Consider in particular your professional users: the executives, engineers, customer-facing sales and marketing staff, and other knowledge workers interacting with the world outside.

These people are often very mobile, taking advantage of mobile phone flexibility to get work done whenever and wherever they are. Yet they also are very likely to be interacting with customers, partners and other important external parties.

So is your company being represented in these critical interactions with a messy, fragmented hodgepodge of numbers, personal cell phone identities, and so on? Is that the image you want customers to see?

Looking at it another way, your company spends a lot of time and effort to create a brand that people will recognize and remember. Shouldn’t you support this brand and identity in the most important interactions with your customers?

Our Kinetic Communications Platform enables you to enforce a consistent corporate identity across all business communications for your mobile users. It also ensures that your users’ private calls with remain private.

One identity for business

Imagine that every business call from one of your users to a customer, partner or other external party was identified with your company name and number, even if the user is on a mobile phone.

And suppose this was true even for employees using their personal devices, such as in a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program?

That’s how our Kinetic platform lets you present a consistent, professional identity to your customers, partner and other people in the outside world.

Calls placed to and from your users are routed by the Kinetic platform through your existing communications systems. So they have the same corporate identity that you might have on, for example, employee desk phones and other in-office systems.

Making sure the private stays private

At the same time as the Kinetic platform fixes your corporate identity mobility fragmentation, it also ensures that your users’ private calls remain just that … private.

The Kinetic platform routes business calls through your corporate systems, but it allows private calls to proceed through the normal mobile network. Your users can simply and easily identify their personal contacts and the Kinetic platform will allow those communications to proceed without going through corporate systems.

In this way, you ensure that employee privacy is maintained, which is especially important if you have implemented BYOD.

Click here to check out a demonstration of the powerful dual identity management features of the Kinetic platform.

Contact us today for a personal demo of the Kinetic Communications Platform to see how it simplifies your support for Mobile First professionals in your organization.

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