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June 6, 2017


The mobile workforce is increasingly strategic for businesses of all sorts. Yet mobile technologies too often are in a “blind spot” for communications management and workforce optimization.

As reported in Forbes, 81 percent of CEOs in a PwC survey reported that they consider mobile technologies for customer engagement to be strategic. The result showed that mobile technologies were the most strategic of a long list of enterprise technologies.

So why do our mobile devices so often remain out of scope of workforce optimization, customer engagement and other enterprise processes?

The Communications Blind Spot

If you are like the typical company, you have invested in information technology that makes it easier for employees to get work done and hit their objectives.

Very often, these include workforce optimization, customer engagement and quality assurance systems. These tools can be used to monitor employee communications with customers, gather intelligence on critical customer satisfaction metrics, and provide important data for improving the customer experience.

These tools are used in conjunction with landline phones used by contact-center agents, customer-care specialists and others whose jobs focus on customer interactions. 

Yet they are rarely extended to encompass the mobile devices that our CEOs have identified as the most critical technology for customer engagement.

That communications blind spot must be addressed for your customer engagement program to reach its greatest potential. 

Ending the Mobility Blind Spot 

Our Kinetic Communications Platform eliminates the mobility blind spot.

The platform’s Customer Engagement Mobility solution enhances and extends your workforce optimization and customer engagement tools to encompass the mobile devices used by your employees. 

Best of all, you can use your existing systems deployed for landlines without any special modifications to communications systems, quality tools or the mobile devices.

The Kinetic platform even works with personal devices that your employees might use as part of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program.

The platform:

  • Turns your employees’ mobile devices into extensions of your corporate communications systems, just like the desk phone landline extensions.
  • Automatically makes calls from the mobile devices carry your corporate identity and customer-care numbers.
  • Enables your users to activate business calling features like transferring and conferencing can be activated on the mobile device, including BYOD.

Contact us for a personal demonstration of the Kinetic Platform so you can end the communications blind spot in your environment.

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