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January 29, 2024

Businesses of all types finally have a solution to the decades-old problem of how to provide their distributed workforces with high quality, easy-to-use mobile communications linked to their cloud UC platforms.Screenshot 2024-01-29 at 10.32.32 AM

Now you have two new opportunities to see how our award-winning Tango Extend solution implements breakthroughs in fixed mobile communications technology to solve this universal business communications problem.

Our new explainer video details how the remote and deskless workforce can be brought into the company communications fold via Extend and its ability to integrate any mobile phone natively into a company communications platform.

And if you want to learn more about this breakthrough in enterprise communications, you can see Tango Extend in action at Enterprise Connect in Orlando in March

enterprise connect email bannerRegister now with our code and you can receive $700 savings on your pass. Enterprise Connect has been the leading conference and exhibition for enterprise communications in North America for more than 30 years.

Our new animation provides an overview of how Extend enables Mobile Unified Communications to be established for remote and frontline workers  -- any deskless employee -- such as those in delivery, service, hospitality or healthcare.

As detailed in our new white paper, these employees need to communicate regularly with colleagues and clients.

Tango Extend takes advantage of mobile phones that support multiple SIMs and allow a business-controlled eSIM to be added, turning any smartphone into a fully featured extension of the company communications platform. This solution works with Microsoft Teams, enabling an existing Teams number to be used on a BYOD personal mobile phone.

It’s just as if employees are carrying a desk-phone extension wherever they go.Mobile Unified Communications Explainer Video

Our new video explains how BYOD phones with Extend keep business and personal communications and identities completely separate, while allowing users to operate the native phone interface for communications. The result is the most intuitive and simple mobile experience for business users.

Companies deploying Extend can cut the number of desk phones and company-provided mobiles, achieving dramatic cost savings, while at the same time boosting worker reachability and productivity with more efficient communications.

All business calls are routed through the company's UC platform, so the company can enforce security policies and even record business calls and texts for compliance purposes. But meanwhile all of a user’s personal communications remain private and secure.

The installation of eSIMs is simple and fast, both for the IT manager and the end user. The user simply needs to scan a QR code, follow a couple of steps, and within minutes their Team's business line is active and ready to use. 

Visit tango-networks.com to see how your business can improve mobile experience, improve out of office user collaboration and engagement, and save communications costs.

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