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July 10, 2017


Digital transformation has touched on pretty much every aspect of how we do business. 

It’s a simple idea. We take all the records, data, reports, operational output that used to be on paper and we digitize all of it. 

But from that one simple idea springs a profound transformation in how we do business. Now that our data is digitized and more easily accessible, we can work faster and more efficiently than ever, with more accurate, current information. 

The result? We have leaner, faster-paced businesses. We can respond to opportunities and market conditions more readily, with greater intelligence.

In short, the digitized business is more productive, competitive and agile.

So how do you raise this transformation to the next level? What’s next in the digital transformation?

The other lifeblood of the business

For many of our companies, digital data is the new lifeblood of our businesses. But there is another, equally essential component: communications.

Your company’s communications determine how rapidly your employees respond to opportunities or problems, how quickly they can make informed decisions, and how effectively they collaborate using that digitized data. 

Of course, communication has gone through its own transformation in recent years: Mobility.

For example, mobile phones are now in the hands of the vast majority of work-age adults. For the first time, the majority of households in the US are mobile only, with no landlines at all. 

The mobility revolution is having a profound impact on your employees’ availability, reachability, responsiveness, and ability to collaborate.

In fact, today we call it the “mobile workforce,” but before too long it will just be known as the “workforce.” The idea of not using mobile communications will seem quaint and old fashioned.

So what happens when these major trends – Digitization and Mobility – come together? We have an environment that empowers your workers and dramatically multiplies their work effort and impact.

Working Smarter, Not Harder

We’ve already seen gains in productivity brought about by digitization. Simply having access to a more current, richer set of data saves a lot of legwork and analysis.

So the combination of real-time data and real-time collaborative tools like mobile devices makes it even easier for your employees to get stuff done.

A prime example is in the area of sales administration and record keeping.

Many businesses use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to track sale opportunities, manage tasks, generate leads, measure the sales pipeline and so on. CRM systems are an excellent example of the digital transformation. 

But surveys show that the typical sales person is devoting around 20% of their time to maintaining and updating CRM records. Of course it’s critical that the CRM data is current and accurate. But updating it is eating into a huge chunk of time that the sales team could actually be using to sell, close deals and make the numbers. 

This is where the mobility transformation can amplify the benefits of the digital transformation many times over.

Automatic CRM Logging from Mobiles

Instead of requiring your sales people to sacrifice 20% of their time to record keeping, what if your CRM system could be automatically updated by a device already they already carry?

That’s exactly what the CRM logging solution from Tango Networks does.

Your sales team in the field already is carrying mobile devices. Mobile-X from Tango Networks integrates these mobile phones into your corporate communications systems and processes, including your CRM. 

Now when a salesperson calls a customer prospect, the call is automatically logged and attached to that prospect record and tasks. Mobile-X even lets the salesperson dictate notes about the contact which are automatically transcribed and logged in the CRM system.

Mobile-X features integration with and works with your employees’ personal devices in a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program.

With one simple solution, you can cut an overhead task that was eating 20% of your sales capacity.

By combining the mobility and digital transformations, you have empowered your team, simplified their jobs, and enabled them to work smarter.

Click here to see our new video showing automatic call logging and record keeping for your CRM system.

Incorporating a breakthrough implementation of fixed mobile convergence technologies, Mobile-X from Tango Networks dramatically improves mobile communications for a distributed workforce, including  Mobile Unified Communications, work-from-homeremote workerteleworker, telecommutingconnected worker and business continuity programs.



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