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October 24, 2017




We’re highlighting an exciting new approach to mobile communications for healthcare enterprises at Vidyo’s Healthcare Summit in Nashville next week.


Our Mobile-X solution empowers clinicians and other healthcare professionals to engage in compliant mobile voice, text and video communications with patients and others.


Picture the interactions between clinicians and patients orchestrated by Mobile-X:


  1. A patient has a painful sore throat. He calls his clinic after hours and leaves a message for his doctor who is on call.
  2. The doctor gets the message and calls the patient back from her personal phone. Instead of seeing the doctor’s personal phone number, the patient sees the name of the clinic on caller ID. The doctor’s private phone number has been protected and the patient knew who was calling, prompting him to pick up.
  3. During the discussion, the doctor decides a video session would help her to better diagnose the patient’s complaint.
  4. She sends an SMS text that triggers a secure HD video session.
  5. The HD video session proceeds, supported by continued high quality voice communication.



Mobile-X enables these compliant healthcare communications by orchestrating seamlessly across the communications apps your staff and patients need: Voice, Video, Texting.


Features and benefits include:


Learn more about the Vidyo healthcare summit or contact us today for a demo of Mobile-X.

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