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February 28, 2018


We actually launched Personal Control Panel back in 2017, but haven't had a chance to get on and post a blog about this great little feature.

PCP is a new view of Control Panel designed to support individual subscriber log in to Control Panel. This special view of Control Panel displays information and settings only for that subscriber, and is fully mobile-optimised so it has the feel of an app when its used on a smartphone or iPhone.

We designed PCP with the idea of putting individual users in control of their basic subscriber features, so it allows users to securely login on their mobile devices, using their phone number and see all their settings on one simple page:

  • My Numbers is a useful reminder of your main and alias numbers, and your internal extension
  • My Call Identity shows your CLI - and can be customised to a different number even when a user is out and about
  • My Voicemail reminds users of their settings - great to help take away those reset tasks
  • My Diverts lets users see and set all of their Call Forwards giving complete out and about control
  • My Group Director function shows everyone in their PBX group and even does click to dial
  • Simetric Partners can even have Personal Control Panel fully branded.

Please contact us for more information or to set up access for your users to Personal Control Panel.


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