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July 11, 2017

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Pretty much all of our workforces are mobile workforces these days.

Long gone are the days when you could supply your workers with a desk phone, a computer and network access, and then worry mainly about upgrades and the occasional support issues.

With mobile phone penetration nearing 100% in many places among working age adults, company IT managers now contend with supporting a wide range of devices, applications, employee work patterns and increasingly complex processes.

Chief among the concerns in today’s high mobility workplace are:

  1. Security & Compliance

The surge in hacking attacks and high-profile cyber-security breaches has put everyone on heightened alert about security.

In industries such as finance, healthcare and others, security is paramount and controls like communications privacy are mandated by laws or regulatory requirements. 

Mobility introduces a wildcard into this equation. How do you ensure an employee’s calls and application usage comply with the policies? 

Since mobile calls typically use a wireless network that is separate from your corporate systems, policy enforcement can be hard to execute, audit and verify on those mobile communications. 

  1. BYOD

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) started for some companies years ago with employees wanting to use their personal computers for work activities. Then with the explosion in popularity of tablets and smartphones, smaller and more mobile devices became the focus. 

The challenge for IT departments is how to ensure that communications involving these devices are professional, compliant and simple.

Does the call from your employee on his personal device show his personal number? That can make for a less-than polished appearance, especially for customers and others outside the company who are interacting with your company.

Can employees on personal devices activate corporate directory functions, conferencing and other standard business features of your communications systems? A messy user experience can create frustration for users and headaches for your IT staff fielding the support calls.

BYOD introduces even more concerns around security and compliance since personal mobile devices introduce such variability that policy enforcement and audits become even more complex.

  1. Integration with corporate systems and processes

Wouldn’t it be great if you could manage a user’s mobile device just as if it were an extension of your existing corporate communications systems?

Suppose you could manage call routing, feature configuration, compliance, and other tasks for mobile phones just like they were desk phones. Better yet, imagine being able to extend your call recording, quality assurance, customer engagement and similar corporate processes to your employees’ mobile devices.

With that type of integration, managing the mobile workforce becomes no harder than in a traditional landline environment. In fact, your mobility program could introduce much greater flexibility for how and where employees work without any loss of control or quality. 

Simpler Mobility Available Today

Mobile-X  from Tango Networks solves the three main mobility worries facing IT managers today.

  1. Security & Compliance: Our platform makes mobile devices part of your standard corporate systems and policy enforcement, so calls on any mobile device can be recorded, archived, logged with your existing compliance systems. Policies can be enforced and audited as easily as with your corporate landline systems.
  1. BYOD: The platform makes any mobile device – including personal devices – an extension of your corporate communications systems. So business calls to and from the device will use your corporate number. Your users can activate all the standard business features on their mobile devices just as if they were carrying a desk phone in their pockets. The user experience is intuitive and simple, such as letting your employee use the mobile phone’s native dialing interface for corporate calling and feature activation.
  1. Integration: Mobile-X seamlessly integrates your employees’ mobile devices into your corporate communications systems and your existing customer engagement, quality, customer relationship management (CRM) systems and other processes. Your employees can be as mobile as they want to be, without sacrificing your control or the company’s standards for quality and compliance.

Learn more about our mobilized enterprise communications solutions and contact us today for a personalized demonstration of Mobile-X from Tango Networks.

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