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Posted by Mark Brunwin

June 13, 2024

The simplest business mobile communications plan just got even simpler.Double exposure of businessman shows modern technology as concept

On June 1 we introduced unlimited data plans for Tango Extend customers.

This marks a significant extension to the limited data bundles we have offered until now, providing more flexibility and convenience to our valued customers.

A Step Beyond Limited Data Bundles

Our traditional bundles with unlimited voice and messaging and fixed amounts of data have served our customers well, offering reliable and cost-effective solutions for mobile unified communications for businesses with employees on the go or working remotely. 

But there has always been an increasing demand for data use, as business applications become more data-intensive. That's why we have introduced an unlimited voice, messaging and data plan, which sits beside our existing fixed data bundles, ensuring we meet all the diverse needs of our customers.

Unlocking Unlimited for Primary SIM Use

Our second SIM plans for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) mobile usage already include unlimited data when on a business call, and so these plans are not affected by the new plan.

Where the new Unlimited plans come into their own is when the SIM is being used as the Primary SIM in the business mobile phone. This would be the case where a business is swapping out their traditional MNO SIMs for Tango Extend SIMs – which are integrated with the business’s UC platform. Often this occurs where a business is moving their old UC system to the cloud or changing UC texting on mobile at busy train station

Switching to unlimited data plans is valuable for several reasons:

1.    Avoiding Bill Shock: Exceeding your data limit can lead to unexpected and often hefty charges. Unlimited data eliminates this risk, ensuring your bills remain predictable.

2.    Peace of Mind: Unlimited data allows you to use your mobile services without constantly monitoring your usage, freeing you to focus on your business.

3.    Simplified Billing: For our partners, unlimited data plans simplify billing, making it easier to manage and forecast expenses.

Understanding market needs

Many of our partners have requested unlimited data plans, and we have responded to their call. They will allow our partners to compete more effectively with the traditional Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), offering a fully UC-integrated mobile service with more inclusive business roaming destinations and comparable quality of service.

Tango Extend: Superior Business Mobile Service

Tango Extend is more than just a mobile service—it's a comprehensive business communication solution. Here's why it stands out:

●    Integrated Mobile UC: Tango Extend comes with built-in UC capabilities, seamlessly integrating with major cloud collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams. This ensures that employees can stay connected and collaborate effectively, whether they are in the office or on the move.Tango Extend for Microsoft Teams - Press Image B (1)

●    Use Existing Landline Numbers: Unlike standard MNO offerings, Tango Extend allows you to use your existing landline number for business calls, including your Teams numbers, maintaining continuity and professionalism in your communications. In fact there’s no need for an additional mobile number. Why not have just one number for business calling?

Designed for Business Use

Tango Extend is specifically designed for business use, providing features that cater to the unique needs of business users.

●    Second SIM Support: Our service supports a second SIM, allowing you to add a business line to your personal phone. This can lead to significant savings on mobile stipend payments and expense management. In fact for some businesses replacing fixed telephony, they can save up to 50% on their current communication costs.Tango-Extend-Global-Pass-HighRes

●    Global Rate: Tango Extend provides a single rate that can be used across 39 countries (available 3Q2024). 

Easy Deployment, Easy Global Communications

Deploying Tango Extend is incredibly simple thanks to eSIM technology. There’s no need to wait for physical SIM cards—just scan a QR code, and you’re ready to go.

With Tango Extend, your business can tackle three major communication challenges:

1.    Unified Communications on Any Mobile Phone: Tango Extend’s natively integrated UC functionality allows employees to access corporate communications from their mobile phones, whether they are knowledge workers, hybrid workers, or frontline employees.

2.    Accessible and Unlimited Global Service: Our Global Pass offers a single subscription for unlimited global mobile service across 39 countries, reducing procurement complexity, simplifying billing, and providing international support through one supplier.

Embrace the Future of Business Communication

Tango Extend’s innovative features and global coverage make it the ideal solution for enterprises with a global footprint or employees who travel frequently. Incorporating revolutionary fixed-mobile convergence technologies, Tango Extend has been awarded over 100 patents and recognized with more than 10 best new product and channel solution awards.

Stay connected, stay productive, and embrace the future with Tango Extend’s unlimited data plans. Click here see country availability and learn more about how Tango Extend can transform your business communication.

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