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March 18, 2024

Tango Networks has done what mobile operators have long sought to do: offer an accessible global mobile service that is natively integrated into a wide range of Unified Communication (UC) platforms at a price point that is appealing to businesses of all sizes.Tango-Extend-Global-Pass-HighRes

The Tango Extend eSIM can be used in a company-provided mobile phone, or as a second SIM in a BYOD personal device.  

By bringing UC functionality to a mobile phone, Tango Extend enables employees on-the-go and the deskless workforce, such as knowledge, hybrid or frontline workers, to access reliable corporate communications from their mobile phones.  

Tango Extend with Global Pass offers a single subscription that removes the need for businesses to contract directly with mobile operators. For multinational companies this reduces procurement complexity, simplifies billing and offers international support through a single supplier.

Starting with 14 Home countries in the first half of this year, Global Pass allows subscribers based in the USA, UK, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Luxembourg, Spain, Sweden, and Poland to work or roam seamlessly between these countries and a further 25 across Europe and North America.

Later this year, and into 2025, Tango will further expand Global Pass to include countries across Asia, Australia, and North and South America. 

Click here to see country availability. 

Global Pass enables employees to stay connected effortlessly while traveling internationally. Its expansive global coverage combined with a single global subscription makes it the ideal solution for enterprises with a global footprint, or simply for employees who need to travel for their jobs. It also removes concerns over roaming "bill shock" as mobile usage in all 39 countries is included .

Tango-Home-Zone-hero.jpgBy integrating with leading UC platforms such as Microsoft’s Teams Phone, Tango Extend connects these workers with corporate communications, expanding efficient collaboration across the whole workforce.

Incorporating revolutionary fixed-mobile convergence technologies, Tango Extend has been awarded over 100 patents and has won more than 10 best new product and channel solution awards.

Global Pass is available for immediate deployment, offering enterprises a transformative approach to mobile connectivity. For more details on Global Pass and Tango Networks' comprehensive suite of mobile telecommunications solutions, please visit 

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