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January 22, 2024

Your workers who are on their feet and in motion are some of your most important. For many businesses, they’re the people who have the most contact with customers and clients.medium-shot-side-view-engineer-talking-phone 

They may be first responders whose activities are essential to public welfare and safety. They may be providing essential services to clients in their homes.

Whether they are on the road, in a store, or tending to patients, these workers face many challenges staying connected. It's time for this to change.

Our comprehensive white paper on connecting the disconnected workforce delves into the current state and the desired future for frontline Mobile Unified Communications, exploring the hurdles to innovation and adoption, and presenting immediate, innovative solutions. 

The Current State of Disconnection

Consider the field sales technician whose day is fraught with connectivity issues, leading to missed appointments and wasted resources. This scenario isn't just about inefficiency; it's about the real monetary and morale cost to the business. 

Screenshot 2023-12-05 at 7.29.48 AMWith billions of deskless workers globally, many of whom feel disconnected, the need for better communication solutions is stark. These workers include your baristas, healthcare workers, field sales, and on-site engineers - all of whom need to be the most connected, not the least.

The Desired Future State

The goal is clear: a world where connectedness and quality of communications are basic, realized needs. It should be a world where deskless workers are given an experience close to their desk-based colleagues. 

But the path to better communication for these workers is not without its obstacles. Adoption of new technologies is slow, hindered by time, money, and a preference for traditional methods. Yet, the demand for a solution has hit a critical mass, especially post-pandemic with the rise in hybrid working environments.

Introducing Immediate Solutions

We have launched Tango Extend as an innovative solution to these challenges. Extend allows workers to maintain a company-controlled business line on their personal mobile phones, facilitating high-quality business calls and seamless integration with Microsoft Teams and other cloud UC platforms. All it takes is a simple eSIM download, and employees can start using their personal phones for business without the need for separate company phones or complex apps.gig economy worker4

This approach is gaining traction. Research shows that a significant majority of IT managers and employees are ready to embrace mobile-only communication strategies, with a substantial percentage already using personal phones for work under BYOD policies. In fact, a recent survey we commissioned shows that 99% of IT managers are willing to use an eSIM-based mobile communications solution for their workforces.

The Tango Extend Advantage

Utilizing next generation fixed mobile convergence technology, Tango Extend goes beyond just connecting workers; it revolutionizes the way mobile workers interact with their business environment. It allows for:

  • BYOD Business Readiness: Embeds a secure business line in personal phones, reducing the need for company-provided mobile phones.
  • “Mobile First” or “Mobile Only” Approach: Enables retiring desk phones, accessing everything from mobile handsets.
  • Dual Personas: Separates business from personal communications.
  • No Apps Needed: Utilizes native phone dialer for the best quality calling experience.
  • Compliance: Recording of mobile business communications when regulations or quality assurance require it.
  • Fast, Simple Installation: Can be done remotely in minutes using an eSIM with easy QR code provisioning.

Join the Communication Revolution

Frontline workers are the backbone of many businesses. Ensuring they are well-connected and equipped is not just beneficial; it's essential. By embracing innovative solutions like Tango Extend, organizations can empower these workers, boost productivity, and enhance customer service, all while moving toward a more sustainable and efficient business model.

To discover more about how to transform business communications, download the complete white paper here.

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