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Posted by Michael Bishop, Director of Sales Engineering for Tango Networks

June 10, 2021

Collaboration tools have unlocked major efficiencies for how colleagues in your company can interact and get work done.SMS texting with Webex - Tango Networks

But now these internal tools can be used to open a critical new communications channel with the outside world.

Our Enterprise Text Messaging cloud solution supports Cisco Webex and a new video demo shows you how easy it is to text with Webex.

That means your Webex collaboration users can communicate by messaging with anyone on any mobile phone including non-Webex users outside your company.

Consumers overwhelmingly prefer texting to other ways of interacting with companies, according to research  published by SMS Comparison. For example, 90% say they would rather text than talk on the phone. 

Are your employees taking advantage of this critical communications channel for interacting with customers and partners and others outside the company?

Our new demo shows how simple it is to set up and begin sending and receiving SMS texts using Cisco Webex:

Our cloud-based service seamlessly converts Webex internal collaboration messages into external SMS messages. The messages carry your company’s business number and are pushed to the mobile network where they can be received by anyone on an SMS-capable phone.

Inbound messages on the mobile network are converted into Webex messages for the employees to receive and respond to. The messaging can be captured and recorded on archiving, monitoring or compliance systems.

So your business customers who use Webex  solutions can securely communicate with anyone on any mobile phone: customers, patients, clients, students, partners and anyone else in the outside world. In addition, they can keep their personal and business identities separate.

Tango Networks' Enterprise Text Messaging solutions provide a simple, seamless user experience texting with business numbers.


For more than a decade, Tango Networks has mobile-enabled enterprise communications, giving businesses and public sector organizations unmatched control over the communications of their mobile workforces.

Enterprise Text Messaging is one of many enterprise mobile communications solutions made possible by the Tango Networks Mobile-X service.

Incorporating a breakthrough implementation of fixed mobile convergence technologies, Mobile-X from Tango Networks dramatically improves mobile communications for a distributed workforce, including  Mobile Unified Communications, work-from-homeremote workerteleworker, telecommutingconnected worker and business continuity programs.

Fill out the form below to get in touch and see how texting with Webex will improve your communications.

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