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December 5, 2023

Business eSIM technology is set to transform and simplify business communications for workers on-the-go. Significant improvements to user experience and productivity are being realized, while saving businesses significant communications costs.Screenshot 2023-12-05 at 7.29.11 AM 

Our new Trend Advisor details 30 use cases involving companies and occupations that can experience game-changing boosts to productivity and communications efficiency by embedding a business line on mobiles. 

New research conducted by Cavell Group shows that 99% of enterprise IT managers are ready to retire fixed line desk phones in favor of going “mobile only.” The managers reported they are ready to make mobile phones the primary communications devices for employees who are frequently on the go, away from their desks, or whose work is primarily in the field.

Our Trend Advisor – “Engaging Frontline Workers With Effective Mobile Unified Communications: 30 Use Cases” – provides detailed examples of how the jobs of these employees can be transformed by a business eSIM such as our Tango Extend solution.

Screenshot 2023-12-05 at 7.29.39 AMInstalling a business-controlled eSIM into any mobile phone, including Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) personal phones,  adds a business landline to the mobile. It allows employees to use the native phone dialer to make business calls, rather than having to first open the UC app.

These eSIMs use the dedicated mobile voice channel for the highest quality business calls and they won’t drain the battery quickly, unlike mobile apps. Tango Networks eSIMs can be used with virtually any UC platform, including Microsoft Teams to deliver improved collaboration for workers on the go. 

As the Trend Advisor spells out, there are many perks for companies that take advantage of this breakthrough in Mobile Unified Communications.

Frontline Worker Boost

The Cavell Group researchers found that two-thirds of frontline employees are happy to let their businesses deploy business eSIMs on their personal phones. These workers particularly like the dual identity feature that keeps their personal communications private and secure while letting them easily use the business line when needed.

 Calls and texts with the business eSIM use the business identity and numbers, ensuring communications with clients or partners are recognized and answered. The business has more administrative control over the communications, ensuring communications are handled appropriately and even recorded when required.

 This becomes transformative for frontline workers in any industry, whose jobs are made easier by streamlined and efficient mobile communications. The Trend Advisor covers field service workers, utility workers, delivery drivers, sales and customer relationship management, home services and repair people – even those in mobile beauty and wellness services – who need to interact remotely and professionally with customers, colleagues and suppliers.

When these workers can use business unified communications natively on their mobile phones, their companies gain multiple operational benefits. Examples include:Screenshot 2023-12-05 at 7.30.32 AM

  • Transportation and fleet management workers can coordinate routes more efficiently, and supply real-time updates on delivery statuses to clients, and respond to unexpected situations quickly, leading to improved customer experience.
  • Community and elderly healthcare workers can give clients one primary contact number to make scheduling more efficient and improve overall communications.
  • Retail and store operations can give out a central contact number for order and product inquiries, and customer service. This ensures that customers have a simple way to get assistance, make inquiries, or place orders, even when company representatives are away from the office or are deskless.
  • Insurance companies can furnish a shared or dedicated single number to policyholders to speak to claims processors and others associated with their accounts.

Our Trend Advisor details many more such benefits across a range of industries and professions, including hospitality, emergency services, property management, journalism and PR, government, event coordination, construction and many more. 

Major Cost Savings by Reducing Fixed Telephony and Company-Paid Mobiles

Today’s eSIM technology has the potential to significantly reduce costs, while enabling organizations to equip more frontline workers with mobile UC capability. Many desk phones can be retired as the tidal wave of mobile telephony continues to advance.

Screenshot 2023-12-05 at 7.29.48 AMThe Cavell research clearly identifies that workers prefer to use their existing personal phones rather than their desk phones – even when in the office. Also, by replacing expensive company-provided mobile phones with eSIMs for knowledge and field workers organizations could save around 50% of their communications costs.

Our online calculator allows any organization to see how much they can save and you can calculate your own potential savings here:

Compliant Communications Made Simple

 A critical requirement in many professions is for business communications to be recorded and retained, which can be very challenging if employees are making calls on personal phones.

This is especially the case in professions such as financial services, in which regulators enforce strict rules on retention of financial transaction records. In fact, billions of dollars in fines have been levied in recent years against financial institutions that have let employees violate these rules on personal mobile phones.

Our Trend Advisor explains that these violations and fines can be a thing of the past when mobile communications use a business eSIM like Tango Extend.

Because the mobile calls are routed through a financial service firm’s central communications platform, calls and texts can be captured and recorded for compliance or service quality monitoring. It is not necessary for such organizations to invest in new recoding technology to achieve this, as the existing call recording technology can capture all mobile business call traffic.

These benefits are all made possible by Tango Extend’s innovation in fixed mobile convergence, covered by more than 100 patents.

See how Tango Extend can transform communications and bring greater efficiencies to your frontline and field operations. Download our Trend Advisor here. 


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