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April 19, 2016

blog-blackberry-mobile-call-recording-1.jpgThere are a lot of good reasons for recording phone calls, and regulatory compliance is only one of them. That's the point – one of many powerful arguments – that a new BlackBerry white paper makes in favor of recording calls and extending the recording function to mobile calls.

BlackBerry and Tango Mobile Call RecordingWhile the white paper focuses more on financial services organizations, the reasons it offers for recording calls can apply to organizations of all kinds.

For example, the contents of calls can be useful for analysis. There is the obvious, such as whether the employees of the organization are sticking to their scripts and saying the right things to customers and potential customers. Contact centers love to know that. The calls can also be analyzed to gauge "customer sentiment." Maybe your soft drink company changed a formula, and callers are letting you know how they feel about the new taste. Sentiments can sometimes be gauged better by the tone or even what isn't said, as much as what is said.

Another reason, although thankfully not that common, is to make sure that intellectual property isn't leaking out, if you will, through what is being said or intimated on calls. People who know they are being recorded, even if they are comfortable with that fact, will still constrain certain phone behavior.

And then there is protection. The customer or client says you told him something that you say you didn't. He wants compensation or someone's head to make up for your error. Go to the audio recording and if you didn't do what he says you did, you're in the clear.

There are many more sage observations in the white paper, which focuses on the Tango Networks Mobile Call Recording solution as the optimal way of extending the benefits of recording to the way people communicate today. Which is by mobile phone, far more than by deskphone.

Tango Networks is the exclusive provider of call recording for BlackBerry. They appreciate the advantages that our solution brings to the table.

Such as enforceability. Our system can't be circumvented. It won't take "no" for an answer. There are many other call recording apps you can find, but they can't guarantee that a call will get recorded. Why? Because the user only has to neglect launching the app to get around it.

We allow the IT department to set the rules as to what calls get recorded, when, and under what circumstances and parameters. We allow dual identities on a single mobile phone – a business identity and a personal one – and only the business calls are recorded, to preserve employee privacy. And when we record mobile calls with our network-based system, the recording stays in the company's network for maximum security. It never goes to the cloud.

When you couple that with a Business Messaging feature that can also record and log all business-related text messages, plus integration with all existing and new call recording and analytics platforms, it's a clear winner.

And if you prefer webinars over white papers, you can view the BlackBerry Mobile Call Recording webinar at your leisure.

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