Tango Networks has acquired Simetric Telecom, creating global enterprise mobile communications solution provider

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November 27, 2018

Tango Networks has acquired Simetric Telecom, a leading UK-based provider of innovative mobile services and telecommunications solutions.simetric-brand-trans-nostrap-500px

The acquisition creates a groundbreaking portfolio of global mobile communications solutions uniquely focused on the mobility needs of today’s distributed enterprises. The company also has announced key partnerships with Gamma and ASC for the combined service offerings resulting from the acquisition.

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“The Simetric and Tango Networks combination creates an unmatched portfolio of solutions for enterprise mobile communications,” said Doug Bartek, CEO of Tango Networks.“We’re committed to providing Simetric’s community of partners and resellers with the same reliable, innovative services and high level of support that they have received from Simetric over the years.”

“Joining forces with Tango Networks will raise our service offerings and market reach to an entirely new level,” said Gavin Sweet, Managing Director of Simetric. “We have always delivered innovative services that create a truly unified telecommunications experience for customers. Now with Tango Networks we are positioned in the vanguard of the new enterprise mobility revolution.”

Unique ‘Mobile Native’ Integrated Services

Founded in 2009 by Sweet and John Murray, Simetric operates an intelligent next generation telecommunications network that seamlessly blends fixed communications and mobile services to deliver unified telecommunications.

Tango Networks recently launched the industry’s first cloud-powered enterprise mobile communications service, Mobile-X, offering Mobile Unified Communicationsmobile communications recording compliance, automated enterprise application mobile integration, and Enterprise Text Messaging.

Mobile-X from Tango Networks is the centerpiece of a wide range of use cases, including Mobile Unified Communications, mobile workforce communications, and programs for remote working, work from home, telecommuting and business continuity.

Together the companies will supply enterprises, hosted communications providers and telecom resellers with a comprehensive portfolio of communications services that revolutionize enterprise mobility.

“Enterprises require secure and effective mobile solutions to support a productive mobile workforce,” said Raúl Castañón-Martínez, Senior Analyst, Workforce Collaboration and Communications, at 451 Research. “That’s why we are seeing a ‘second wave mobility’ emerging now. While ‘first wave mobility’ centered on the needs and interests of consumers, the new wave is focused on enterprises with distributed work environments that demand better communications flexibility, tighter application integration and stronger security.”

The combined offerings will be the industry’s first to seamlessly integrate “mobile native” voice, text and data communications with enterprise telephony and applications. That innovation will give enterprise customers a ubiquitous, global communications fabric covering all employees in any location.

Enterprise customers will maximize distributed workforce productivity while exercising unique mobility control that enhances communications flexibility, security and compliance.

Key Partnerships Announced

Tango Networks has partnered with Gamma, a leading supplier of voice, data and mobile products and services in the UK, to offer integrated radio access into the Simetric and Tango Networks platforms to offer fixed-to-mobile converged services to its wholesale interconnect and platform partners.

Mike Mills, Head of Sales for the Cloud & Infrastructure Channel at Gamma, commented: “We are excited to partner with Tango Networks and Simetric Telecom because the combined service portfolio, in conjunction with our wholesale radio access, delivers a truly mobile integrated service capability to our network of wholesale interconnect customers, who have been asking for this service since we invested in our own mobile network four years ago.”

ASC, a worldwide leading software provider of omni-channel recording, quality management and analytics, was announced as a compliance solution partner for the new combined Tango Networks and Simetric offerings.

“More and more essential business communications are taking place on mobile devices that are not traditionally in the control of enterprise IT,” said Dr. Gerald Kromer, CEO of ASC. “But these communications are not exempt from compliance requirements for collection and retention. The new Tango Networks and Simetric offerings will create powerful new mobility flexibility for enterprises while at the same time integrating mobile communications with ASC’s recording solutions to ensure compliance.”

Contact us today to learn more about the unique mobile enterprise communications offerings available from Tango Networks and Simetric. 


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