FourNet Launches New Hybrid Working & Public Sector Compliant Mobile Service in UK

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August 18, 2022

We are excited to partner with digital transformation and customer experience specialist FourNet in launching a new service in the UK that will provide business-class, compliant mobile communications designed for for the hybrid-working era and public sector customers.FourNet Logo Purple-Red

FourNet's ANTENNA Mobile will provide business-class mobile communications fit for the hybrid-working era and will enable public sector customers, including a range of Whitehall departments, to access full call and text recordings plus comprehensive data analytics on usage. See the announcement here.

The use of ANTENNA Mobile will allow customer compliance teams to have access to SMS messages and call recordings for compliance or training purposes. Handsets can also be blocked from installing apps like WhatsApp and other encrypted services which might elude audit trails.

FourNet’s government customers using the award-winning ANTENNA Community Cloud service include the Prime Minister’s Office, the Cabinet Office, HM Treasury, HMCTS and many others.

FourNet’s Mobile service will benefit public sector organisations, particularly those which are subject to FOI and GDPR requests, as well as businesses in the financial, legal and insurance sectors, where audit trails can be crucial to operations and governance.

In particular, financial services firms are required by government regulation to archive and retain communications related to financial transactions. The new service enables voice and text communications on mobiles to be captured and recorded for complying with these requirements.

Learn more about the new service here.

About FourNet:

Award-winning FourNet is one of the fastest growing privately owned technology companies in the UK, providing communications, cloud, contact centre, managed service and secure infrastructure solutions. We work with some of the most secure, critical and commercially driven customers in the UK, including more than 30 UK Government departments and agencies, as well as emergency services and local authorities. FourNet is an ethical and environmentally responsible business, committed to maximising our positive environmental and social impacts and championing transparency in all our business operations.

About Tango Networks:

Tango Networks is revolutionising business communications with the industry’s first mobile network built for business and controlled by businesses.

The Tango Extend service turns any mobile phone into a fully featured extension of a company’s communications platform, putting mobile voice, text and data entirely in a company’s control for the first time. It does not require an app, but instead enables use of the native device interfaces including the mobile phone dialler and SMS interface for all business calls and messages. It’s the real “desk phone in your pocket.”

Companies use Tango Extend’s fixed mobile convergence technology to deliver easy-to-use, business quality communications for remote workers and employees working from homethe distributed workforce, frontline workers, deskless employees, and workers on the go.

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