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May 5, 2015

We had some good news for Unify users with our announcement that our mobile unified communications solution has been certified on Unify’s OpenScape Voice platform.

Among the advantages is that the features and functionality of the platform beyond the smartphones supported by Unify’s OpenScape Mobile solution are now extended to include feature phones.

By using our solution, Unify customers can now receive and make corporate calls on their mobile phones while leveraging company calling plans and enterprise voice features. Among them are conferencing, short code dialing, call transfer, and a single mailbox that supports both the mobile and desk phones.

They can also take advantage of the dual mobile identity capability. This allows a single mobile phone to present distinct personal and business identities for users. It’s a highly flexible approach that is tailored to the distinct needs and work situation of each user.

For users, it is one more way to improve productivity, because making it possible to do more via mobile is always a good thing. And companies that can do more to free employees from their desks and make them “mobile first” can also save by eliminating desk phones entirely.

This certification is an important advancement, and is also part of a bigger picture. For Tango Networks, the Unify certification is just one more addition to the sizable list of PBX and UC platforms covered by our mobility solution. It’s all part of our goal of unifying mobility across the enterprise, which we do by making enterprise services fully accessible wherever the user may be.

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