What does it mean to go "mobile first" with your business communications?

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December 12, 2017


“Mobile first” has become a buzzword in many corners of the tech industry.

In web design, “mobile first” means that you design your web site and content with the mobile device in mind. So page formats, images and other features are designed to be easily viewed and interacted with by users on mobile phones, for example.


With business applications, the idea of “mobile first” can mean that users will access corporate data, manage workflow steps, and otherwise accomplish tasks using the mobile device as the main interface with the business application.

In the business communications context, “mobile first” means that a company assumes that employees will use mobile devices as their primary communications tools. Voice communications will be conducted by users on mobile phones, potentially enabling the company to retire landline desk phones in some cases. Teleworking, remote working, virtual workplaces and work-from-home programs are increasingly critical to the operations of many businesses and "mobile first" strategies will boost these programs. 

The common thread among all these mobile first strategies is that the user experience is key. The experience of the user on a smartphone accessing a business application, for example, should not be a clunky approximation of the desktop experience. Instead, it should empower users to get their jobs done with the same ease and efficiency while enjoying the flexibility of mobility.

For business communications, an effective mobile first strategy will consider:

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