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The mobile blind spot: What are your employees saying to your customers?

Posted by Tango Marketing
May 18, 2017

The customer experience is in the spotlight again. Are you confident that your employees on mobile devices are saying the right things to your customers?

For years, companies have invested in tools, training and processes to improve the customer experience. Research shows that seemingly minor increases in retention and satisfaction can flow to the bottom line in a big way.

The Customer Experience Blind Spot

Posted by Tango Marketing
May 4, 2017

Customer experience has never been more important.

Surveys show that a single bad experience will lead more than 50% of customers to switch to a competing brand.

Companies know this and are using their contact center quality as a differentiator and a way to beat the competition. 

Do your employees send emails to customers from personal Gmail accounts? Then why are mobile calls different?

Posted by Tango Marketing
April 28, 2017

The “face” you put before customers has a major impact on your brand and potential for growth.

Pro Tip: Contact Center Productivity Features Your Agents Need Now

Posted by Tango Marketing
April 25, 2017

How well your contact center agents perform can be a make-or-break aspect of your company.

It can mean the difference between a profitable customer relationship and a customer who defects to the competition.

This is why so much research and thought have gone into improving the customer experience over the past decade. 

Can you afford bad customer service?

Posted by Tango Marketing
April 24, 2017

The business world is still buzzing about the PR fallout from United Airlines’ recent removal of a passenger from one of its flights. Fortune and The Wall Street Journal reported this week that United’s corporate clients are pressuring the company to improve its customer service.

But most customer service issues never explode across the headlines like United’s has. 

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