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Posted by Andrew Silver, Co-Founder and CTO at Tango Networks

April 6, 2018

The telecoms and mobility markets so far in 2018 have been deluged with "mobile UC as a service" (mUCaaS) types of offerings from virtually every quarter. Enterprise markets are primed for mobile network operators who can offer new services that solve genuine enterprise business problems by bundling mobility with UC.

But there is a major problem with the mUCaaS approach so many vendors are advocating. It ignores the fact that both UC and mobility have been deployed for the last two decades in enterprises around the world.

Unless an enterprise is ready to "rip and replace" a lot of functioning gear and systems, the mUCaaS approach results in a lot of overlap, messy redundancy and integration headaches.

Such services promise extensive disruption in mission-critical communications that enterprises have spent years building out, fine-tuning and integrating into their business processes.

That means operators offering services bundling in this type of mUCaaS will find their opportunities limited to small businesses or new greenfield businesses that have not deployed UC previously.

Integration, Not Disruption

We take a different approach, which is to recognize that existing UC systems, mobile devices and the enterprise’s business applications can be made to work seamlessly together.

The key is to centralize control and orchestration of these systems and services, and then put that control in the hands of enterprise IT.

That's what Kinetic Cloud does.

Kinetic Cloud is communications control middleware, a control framework that orchestrates across fragmented systems and turns them into a coherent, unified whole. It then puts that control across these fragmented systems into the hands of the enterprise IT staff.

That means the enterprise can essentially become its own mobile service provider, extending the existing enterprise UC to mobile end-points and synchronizing this mobile UC with business applications and workflows.

Operators building new service offerings incorporating Kinetic Cloud will be able to address the maximum enterprise market opportunity. They will be able to offer services that complement the existing infrastructure in enterprises of any size - not just small companies or greenfields. They will be able to expand and extend services by integrating mobility, communications and business applications in new and creative ways.

The operators who win the lion’s share of the enterprise mobile UC market opportunity will be those with offerings that are most easily deployed and adopted by enterprises across the board. Kinetic Cloud is the foundation of those offerings.

Learn more about Kinetic Cloud and its ability to mobile-enable your Unified Communications.

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