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December 22, 2017





We saw some amazing developments in mobile communications in the last twelve months.


The iPhone turned 10 in 2017. Cord-cutters in America became the majority, with mobile-only homes surpassing landline homes. Compliance and privacy of mobile communications grew more important and complex.


So what’s ahead for business communications mobility in 2018? Here is what our crystal ball says:


The Mad Scramble for Compliance


Major new legislation goes into effect shortly that will profoundly change how data is managed for hundreds of millions of people across Europe.


In January, MiFID II regulations will require companies to record and save communications related to certain financial transactions.


But a recent Thompson Reuters report said that more than a third of the companies that will fall under the new rule are not ready for it.


One of the critical areas in compliance planning is organizing how mobility comes into play. If you permit mobile phones to be used for discussions around financial transactions, how will you enforce mobile voice recording?


The Push for Privacy


At the same time the new rules require you to capture and archive some mobile communications, other new laws require you to leave other mobile communications untouched and unrecorded.


So, for example, you would not record non-regulated personal calls between people who have not given consent for recording.


The new General Data Protection Regulation in Europe goes into effect in May, requiring companies to not process or use information from EU country citizens without meeting stringent requirements.


How do you ensure you are recording the mobile calls you need to, while leaving the personal ones private and untouched?


Mobile-Enabled Business Applications

With increasing employee mobility comes the need to empower these users to work wherever and whenever they need to.


Many years ago, companies began deploying quality assurance and workforce optimization tools that improved the efficiency and quality of employee activities involving landline phone systems. These business applications can analyze communications with your customers, painting a picture of the customer experience. They could identify problems and training needs. They could ensure proper workflow steps are being followed as the customer engagements proceed.


In 2018 we will see more companies taking the step of extending these optimization and quality applications to encompass mobile devices.


What if every employee following an application workflow had the best communications tool available at any step, including the ability to be reached when they are away from their desks?


What if those mobile communications could be automatically logged and recording in business applications, such as the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system?


That’s the promise of customer engagement mobility and similar strategies now being pursued by enterprise IT architects.


Ready for Things to Come


At Tango Networks, we’ve helped thousands of enterprise mobility users to navigate the evolving world of mobile communications.


Our enterprise mobility solutions unlock the benefits of workflow-enabled mobility while giving you the power to enforce compliance rules and privacy policies across all your mobile users. Contact us to learn more.

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