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May 11, 2017

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We’re now more than 30 years since the mobile phone revolution took off. 

About 95% of adults in the US have a cell phone. You carry in your pocket more computing power than was used to put men on the moon. 

So why is it still so complex to manage mobile communications in our companies? Isn’t it time to just make it simple?

 Messy Mobility

There are three good reasons why mobility got especially messy for corporate IT and communications managers in recent years. They are:

  • Corporate communications evolution: The rise of Unified Communications and similar multi-mode communications brought flexible, feature-rich ways of connecting with coworkers, customers and partners.
  • Enterprise workflow improvements: Customer care, sales, workforce optimization and a dozen other process areas have gone through massive improvements thanks to workflow applications and quality assurance initiatives. All these improvements have an impact on how and when your employees communicate with one another and the outside world.
  • Bring Your Own Device: While we were busy evolving corporate communications and process workflows, many millions of employees were getting their own mobile devices and bringing them into our workplaces. The result is a hodgepodge of devices that you can either try to prohibit, or that you can use to improve the overall flexibility and responsiveness of communications. 

These three trends all converged to make enterprise mobility a really messy affair. 

Many companies maintained programs of corporate owned and issued mobile devices. They essentially ignored the “consumerization” of IT.

Others tried to contend by clamping down, often by prohibiting personal mobile devices altogether. Others deployed a range of mobile device management and security products that enforced strict policies.

But others explored how to use the new developments in communications, workforce optimization, and BYOD to further improve their processes and win an edge over the competition.

These forward-looking companies soon learned a critical lesson for making the most of mobility: Keep it simple.

Making Mobility Simple

What really matters in the trends are the communications applications themselves. How does your employee communicate with coworkers and customers? Is the communication flexible, polished, easy to use, and timely? Does it take full advantage of your communications systems and quality assurance tools?

Our Kinetic Communications platform simplifies enterprise mobility by orchestrating and streamlining the management of these communications across the varied devices and systems in your environment. 

The Kinetic platform: 

  • Turns all mobile phones, including BYOD, into extensions of your existing corporate communications systems. The mobile phone becomes just like a landline desk phone, with all the features and control you need.
  • Integrates communications on mobiles with your contact center quality assurance, workforce optimization and other workflow improvement systems. Now your employees’ calls on mobile phones can be monitored and analyzed for quality with the same tools you use on your landlines.
  • Tames BYOD with the industry’s most advanced identity management features. All work calls on an employee’s personal phone will carry the business number and corporate identity. They will be routed through corporate systems, including recording and analytics. But all personal calls will remain private and use the mobile network without being routed through corporate systems.

The result is that your enterprise mobility becomes very simple. You can use existing communications systems and quality assurance systems with mobiles with no changes. You can let employees use BYOD mobiles while maintaining communications control. Employees are happier and there is less training because they are using devices they know and love.

Check out our new animation video highlighting the simplicity and benefits of the Kinetic Platform for mobile-enabling sales professionals on the go.

Learn more about how mobile device management can be made simpler in your company with our new white paper on Going Mobile First.


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