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Posted by Jack Rynes, Senior Product Management - Security Consultant - Solutions Advisor

April 18, 2018


Customers have a widening set of choices for communicating with companies.

On-line chat and social messaging have supplemented traditional voice communications and calls to the customer service number.

But surveys show that the majority of consumers want to use text messaging as their preferred way to interact with your employees and customer service.

Have you empowered your employees to take advantage of this mode of communication that is increasingly desired by your customers?

If your organization is dedicated to delivering a superior customer experience, it’s important to enable your employees to communicate with customers in their preferred way. 

We work with customers in many industries to text-enable business numbers, permitting employees to send and receive SMS text messages from their work phone numbers.

In some deployments, these solutions can also enable your employees to use SMS texting with their unified communications clients.

SMS text-enabling Cisco Jabber implementations is a very popular example.

Cisco Jabber SMS Texting: messaging with anyone 

Cisco Jabber is a unified communications application used by many enterprises to provide instant messaging communications and enhanced collaboration among employees.

With our Enterprise Text Messaging solutions, you can enable employees on Jabber clients to very easily send SMS text messages to anyone on a text-capable phone, including customers, partners or other people without a Jabber client. 

The solution offers a very simple user experience. Your Jabber users send and receive instant messages on Jabber as usual, and our system converts messages destined for external mobile phones into SMS texts. Inbound messages are converted from SMS to Jabber IM.

Now your employees using Jabber have an important new communications channel with the outside world, enabling them to communicate with customers in the preferred text messaging mode.

Just as importantly, these communications can be monitored, recorded and archived for compliance purposes. You can use existing compliance systems to capture and record text messages and be compliant with communications retention requirements or customer experience quality policies.

Expanding Your Jabber Footprint

Our Enterprise Text Messaging solutions also have the important impact of increasing your users’ adoption of Jabber.

Your Jabber users now have a much larger set of contacts they can engage by messaging with Jabber. Because our solution requires them to take no special steps to communicate with anyone by text, the users turn to Jabber again and again for communications inside and outside the organization. 

The Enterprise Text Messaging solutions also promote greater adoption and usage of Jabber mobile clients. Your users now have the flexibility of interacting with non-Jabber users via SMS texting so they do not have to resort to using multiple messaging clients or messy workarounds.

In the end, Jabber adoption in your organization will expand significantly as texting becomes an important new tool in the communications toolkit.

Check out our new demonstration of the Cisco Jabber SMS texting solution and contact us to learn more.


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