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February 20, 2018


Companies worldwide are capitalizing on new mobile technologies to improve employee responsiveness and productivity. But in many industries, recording and archiving communications are an essential part of doing business. 

The challenge is to expand your enterprise mobility while complying with regulatory requirements for communications archiving and privacy. 

How do you enable employees to maximize the flexibility of mobility while ensuring their communications are properly recorded for company and regulatory compliance? 

At the same time, how do you ensure that employees in a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program will have personal calls and texts kept private, in compliance with privacy regulations?

The European Union’s newly implemented Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, commonly called MiFID II, requires financial services firms to record all voice calls related to certain financial transactions. UK financial regulatory authorities have adopted similar regulations while also sparking some controversy over the impact on BYOD.

The BYOD trend has allowed companies to cut hardware and support costs, and employees are happy using the phone they know and like, making them more flexible, reachable and productive.

But concerns arise when your firm must meet recording and archiving compliance requirements for mobile communications. Employees tend to ignore special phone-based recording apps so enforcement is extremely hard.

Another major hurdle comes in when ensuring the employee’s personal communications are not breached. For example, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that goes into effect in Europe in May 2018 mandates that individuals have rights protecting private communications. To comply with GDPR, companies must meet a host of requirements such as demonstrating consent for calls to be recorded or similar types of data handling and processing.

How do you balance these requirements, to capture communications while ensuring privacy at the same time?

The answer lies in “dual persona” management, which manages your employees’ work and personal personas for communications and keeps them separate.

An effective dual persona management system will enable you to keep business calls and texts within your control for compliance, recording and similar operations, while leaving personal calls and texts untouched and proceeding on their own through the mobile network.

Tango Networks has enabled financial services firms around the world to solve compliance issues with dual persona management in our compliant mobile communications solution. It takes advantage of unique network-based policy enforcement techniques that enable you to ensure compliance without creating support headaches or user experience issues.

The solution enables your employees’ mobile work calls and texts to be recorded by the same compliance systems that you use for landline phones.  At the same time, the solution enables private calls to go un-recorded without traversing your business systems, so privacy is maintained.

Join us at Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona to see the solution to mobile communications recording firsthand. 

Follow this link to book a meeting with our team for a personalized demonstration of Kinetic Cloud, the new cloud-powered approach to enterprise mobility and communications compliance.

Kinetic Cloud brings mobile operators and enterprises together by providing rich mobile convergence services to:

  • Enable reliable mobile call and text recording, even when roaming
  • SMS-enable solutions including texting from UC applications such as Cisco Jabber, business numbers and other enterprise communications systems
  • Provide consistent, high-quality mobile communications across regions and operators
  • Make Unified Communications features available on any mobile phone, without the need for an app
  • Integrate mobile communications with corporate workflows
  • Enforce mobile usage policies such as reducing mobile distractions for company drivers
  • Separate user business and personal mobile personas with powerful identity management

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