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December 18, 2017

We announced a few weeks ago that we have added Dubber Call Recording to our Mobile-X offering. Dubber is a brilliant easy to use call recording service which just works. There’s no fiddling around, users don’t need to learn new software, it doesn’t need turning on when you want to record a call. And what’s more, it helps you become MiFID II compliant.

Dubber Call Recording Webinar

We recorded a webinar which shows you out how Simetric and Dubber's mobile call recording can help you and your customers.

The webinar includes a full demo of the call recording portal covering:

  • Recording all the calls made from and received by a mobile via a SIM
  • Quickly play a recording of any call
  • See details of call, including day, time and length of call
  • Quickly and securely share the call recording via email
  • Tag recordings so they can be grouped and searched
  • Search and filter the call recordings

If you'd like to know more about Mobile-X and Call Recording, contact us today!

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