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August 8, 2017


If you provide IT and communications support to professionals on-the-go, then you probably have already experienced the “Mobile First” work world.

For example, remote working is reaching a tipping point, according to a recent Gallup report.

 Fully 43% of American workers will work in locations away from their team members at least some of the time, according to Gallup’s report on the “State of the American Workplace.” That’s up from 39% only four years ago.

 But even when we are in the office, we don’t use our work spaces the way we once did. Global Workplace Analytics reports that Fortune 1000 companies are redesigning workplaces to accommodate mobile employees who on average are away from their desks at least half the time.

 These trends add up to an increasingly mobile workforce, one that relies on mobile phones for business communications that previously had involved traditional desk phones.

 The work patterns of many professionals have effectively turned them into “Mobile First” users, relying on a mobile phone as the primary tool for business communications.

 The Mobile First Professional

 Sales professionals long ago pioneered the working patterns of today’s Mobile First professional. Many sales jobs are for “road warriors” who are out meeting customers or traveling from meeting to meeting all the time.

 You can count on these people as your early adopters of new mobile technology, mobile devices and other innovations that simplify working and communicating on the go.

 But many other business professionals have adopted similar working patterns.

 Executives want to be able to communicate securely and seamlessly about pressing matters at any time or place. Operations or facilities managers can get more done if they can communicate efficiently while on a company site or on the road.

 Engineers, designers, analysts, marketers and a range of other knowledge-worker professionals can collaborate in common work spaces or work remotely while remaining in touch via their mobile devices.

 The key for enabling these professionals to be most productive is to ensure they can access and use business-class communications features easily on mobile devices, while remaining in compliance with corporate policies and security requirements.

 Supporting Mobile First Communications in 3 Steps

The Kinetic Communications Platform from Tango Networks streamlines and simplifies adoption of Mobile First for your professional users on the go. Here are three ways:

   1.     Make every mobile phone an extension

 The Kinetic platform turns the mobile phones carried by your users into extensions of your existing communications systems. You can manage those devices exactly as if they were desk phones on a fixed line in the office.

Your users enjoy simple, intuitive operation, such as being able to activate business-calling features on their phones, including personal devices in a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) setting

  1. Ensure compliance

 Mobile users may have conversations that require recording, logging and archiving for regulatory compliance, such as in the financial services industry.

Or you might have a requirement to protect communications with auditable security controls, such as in healthcare.

For customer-facing users, many companies want to be able to monitor customer calls to ensure they meet quality and efficiency standards, such as with a workforce optimization system.

The Kinetic platform enables you to use your existing central recording, monitoring, analytics and workforce optimization tools with any mobile phones, including BYOD. 

  1. Keep business & personal separate

One of the challenges with supporting Mobile First users is to make sure you are controlling and enforcing policies on business calls while allowing employees’ personal communications to remain private.

 That can be especially challenging if your users like to make business calls on their personal phones such as in a BYOD program.

 The Kinetic platform offers simple and effective dual persona management for any personal mobile phone. Users’ business calls are automatically routed through your corporate communications and compliance systems, while their personal calls are not, allowing them to remain private.

Contact us today for a personal demo of the Kinetic Communications Platform to see how it simplifies your support for Mobile First professionals in your organization.

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