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October 26, 2017





We’ve all done it at some point. A call comes to your phone with a caller ID and number you don’t recognize. So you let the call go to voice mail instead of answering it.


Maybe it was a wrong number. Or a robo-call to try to sell you something you don’t want.


But maybe it was your doctor’s office with some important test results. Or maybe it was the cable company technician you are waiting for, trying to find your address.


Whatever the case, even if it was a call you want, you just ended up in a game of phone tag.


Now look at it from the business side of that call. If you are the doctor’s office trying to reach a patient with important news, or that cable technician late for an appointment, how do you decrease the chance of ending up in phone tag limbo?


The truth is that people rarely seem to answer calls from numbers they don’t recognize. The US Federal Communications Commission has even advised consumers to avoid answering calls from unknown numbers, to avoid scammers.


So when your employees are placing calls to external customers or partners from their mobile devices, how can you avoid phone tag and increase the chance that calls connect the first time?


The answer lies in caller identity management, a popular feature available in our Kinetic Communications solutions.


Single Identity for Business


It’s increasingly common for employees of all types to use mobile devices for most of their communications. Some have called this the “Mobile First Communications” trend, with mobile devices replacing desk phones as the main mode of voice communications.


When your employees call from a desk phone in the office, the calls are identified as coming from your company. But when they use mobile phones, the caller ID shows some unknown number to the customer they are calling.


The identity of the caller is not clear. Your corporate identity is not communicated. Phone tag ensues.


Our Kinetic Communications Platform solves this problem by unifying the identities of all your employees’ mobile phones for business communications. When an employee places a business call on a mobile phone, the call automatically carries your corporate identity, not that of the individual’s mobile phone. The recipient knows who is calling and so is much more likely to pick.


Our solutions for mobilizing enterprise communications are helping companies around the world increase communications efficiency. Book a personal demo today to learn more.

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